Welcome to our school!  Murrayville Community College is a State P-12 School located in the north western corner of the Mallee.  Its pleasant surrounds and committed staff provide an ideal environment for the development of young minds which has led to a strong legacy of high achievement in all year levels.
Principal’s Welcome

As a P-12 college, we strive to offer every student, every opportunity, every day to achieve a high quality education.  We have high expectations of the staff and the students, expecting that every child will be a successful learner.Our students are constantly immersed in an environment that values persistence, respect, independence, determination and excellence.  It is an environment that builds on these values and is in line with our motto “Inspiring PRIDE.”  At Murrayville we offer our young people a stimulating, connected and caring space to grow.  We pride ourselves on the way we individualise the learning for students.  We do this by providing programs that interest them, are varied and flexible, and provide the direction and means to create positive pathways into life after school.